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About us

A dedicated and passionate team, with real hands-on knowledge and experience.

Our Story

We are based in central Scotland, where we are an integral part of the armoured combat community. It is important to our product development that we work closely with our customers to ensure our products are up to the demanding standards of armoured full-contact sports.

Alba Buhurt Co, as a brand, was developed to better serve the needs of our full-contact customers. We have our roots in the historical side of medieval arming garment manufacture, with our parent company Quiverstock.

This knowledge has been invaluable in the development of garments for a modern sport. Taking the best of what our ancestors learned and adding to that modern techniques and materials to produce a range of performance kit for buhurt and duelling disciplines.

We are also proud to sponsor the first women’s armoured combat team in Scotland: The Infernal Unicorns, the federation of Armored Combat Austria and the famous Knights of Dominus.

Women taking part in armoured combat
dog wearing teams tabard

Why Choose Us

We are real people, not anonymous names in a far-off land. We have been making historical and sports garments and equipment since before we founded Quiverstock in 2014.

Our CEO and founder, Julie Hastings, has over 25 years of garment making experience. This means we can offer tailored solutions to fit all people, no matter your needs. We also offer a range of standard sizes off-the-peg. We also provide an in-house embroidery service, so we can embroider direct to garment during production.

Our other director, Bart Potrzebny, has hands on experience of full-contact armoured combat, which serves well in development of products for the sport. He still likes to train with the local teams when possible but keeps his focus on customers, product development and production these days.

We have a policy of continual development and welcome both feedback and requests for bespoke items from our customers.

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